Friday, February 5, 2010

i don't wanna go to work *pout pout*

so i go back to work next week. i start back slowly, a few shifts a week and then full time as of march 1. i have to admit, part of me is ok with the idea, you know the part that likes to have money (haha) and the part that desires adult interaction, but mostly i have been enjoying hanging out with my family in the evenings. justin and i won't see each very often when i go back due to our opposite schedules. but...this prevents the cost or need for daycare.

liv is doing great. she's quite the spitter though...we have many outfit changes during the day. she's gaining weight and developing a little of a personality.

nothing new is going on here. my brother josh is graduating from basic training (navy) today and i wish i could be there to see him. i just had sinus surgery on monday though, and i'm not up for the travel. the surgery went well. it was not painful so much as it made me very lightheaded and out of sorts for a few days. the dr took the hard plastic stints out yesterday and that has helped me to feel better. there is still some dissovable packing in there and i go back in two weeks to get it removed. i can kinda breathe through my nose and should be fully able to after the next appointment. right now, it's sore and extremely crusty inside. andd i keep blowing out loads of bloody snot (pretty picture eh?) better all be worth it!!! i haven't been able to use my nose in years and i'm quite excited at the idea.

back to liv---one thing that i knew we, as new parents, would face that i am not enjoying is that everyone seems eager to give us unsolicited advice. and they are quick to judge. i am a firm believer in what is called attachment parenting. i don't allow liv to "scream it out" because she is too young to understand what is happening. she is too young to self-soothe and crying is her only way to communicate her needs to me. i believe that at this young age, she can't get enough contact with mom or dad and we hold her often. i hear that we are spoiling her way too often. it is impossible to spoil a newborn! she needs to build a bond that is based on trust that we will take care of her needs. we have also been co-sleeping with her. this started as a necessity as i was unable to hop out of bed every few hours right after my c section to tend to her. i bought what is called a "snuggle nest" ( )

this helps keep her within arms reach and safe from being rolled on. i love sleeping with her and she likes i too i think. she and i sleep facing one another and often i wake to a little hand touching my face. melts my heart... i have read some interesting articles about co-sleeping and how it reduces the risk of SIDS. it seems that mom and baby are so attached and so in rhythm, that when baby pauses in breathing (which they all do) mom's breathing helps them to start back up. i don't imagine that we will continue this practice much longer, but i have enjoyed it more than i can say. i can also say that i'm tired of, when this fact comes to light, hearing all the horror stories of babies being rolled on or kicked to the foot of a bed. i know about this...Ive educated myself, and i feel comfortable with my decision, as is justin.

i guess i just didn't realize that becoming a new parent means that everyone will judge every move you make. i think most are well-intentioned, but unless asked, please--keep it to yourself!

speaking of...i hear snorting and fussing...gotta run!

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  1. We co-sleep for the first 3-4 weeks and Kiersten has been in a bassinet in our room since then. She'll be moving into the crib soon though she is starting to move about a lot more. I agree too you can not spoil them this young... and a little spoiling is not all bad either!

    Enjoy her while she's tiny it goes FAST!