Tuesday, April 28, 2009

who let the dogs out?

....lemme tell you about my day today...

I had to wake up very early to get moving today...something kinda hard to do after the rough weekend i told ya'll about. so i chug my coffee and realize at about cup #3 that i just may have made it too strong...and i'm already driving at this point...

um..yeah not starting off too well. so i manage to NOT shit myself and make it plenty early enough to *ahem* attend to nature.

so i'm in good spirits, hopped up on caffeine and ready to conquer my day. then i go into the conference room.....it's a conference about disabilities and accommodations.....

what do blind and many disabled folks have that i'm severely allergic to???? you guessed it-gold star for you....

shit. shit shit shit....there are like 18 dogs in the room

within an hour i'm a snotty, wheezy mess. and i have about 8 more hours left to go. what do i do? the only rational thing i can... i take benadryl...three of them...in addition to the daily allergy meds i take.

fast forward about 2 hrs how am i feeling??????

yeah..try making sense out of fast talking speakers when you barely feel able to tie your own shoes without slobbering on the floor. speaking of shoes...i also wore my newest, cutest shoes today. can we say BLISTERS?? ee gads i wasn't even standing all day. wtf?? those bitches are going back damnit!

by the end of the day i was a hot mess. the last workshop was about wounded vets coming home and the speaker was talking about exploding IEDs causing so many injuries....um yeah...i kept saying exploding IUDs which, while funny and would be traumatic if they did, in fact, explode is very very NOT what the presenter was saying. i also said that wheelchair ramps could have up to an 80% grade???? wha??? that's like almost straight up and down! the worst part was i knew somewhere in my drug riddled mind i knew that that was wrong.

oh yeah - the consumer also told me that my eye looked freaky..she's right it's worse today

i'm beat...i'm deflated...i'm stuffy and near asthma attack hell...i'm gonna go massage my blistered feet and puff on an inhaler

later guys

Monday, April 27, 2009

oh..grow up!

I had a weekend full of ups and downs. I had class all day saturday, definate down. this class blows big time. you can tell the teacher doesn't want to be there and none of the students are thrilled about it either. blah..few more weeks.

after class, i went to get my 6th tattoo. i haven't gotten a tattoo in about five years and i must say...i like it

That is taken right after i got it while driving home. i think it's super cute and it's my first one with color.

after i got home, i worked on some check printing for an upcoming workshop and then went to meet the boyz at a nearby bar. they had gone to the osu spring game and were in need of dinner and beer, but mostly-shade.

fast forward about 10 hrs.....coming home from white castle with jus and chad. jus is driving and decides to be funny and try to make me drop my beloved chicken rings by hitting the brakes. he succeeds the second time to with i deftly responded by picking up a big cup of coke and throwing it in his face. yes-while he's driving. there was pop EVERYWHERE

yesterday i felt worse than i have in years..sick sick sick...i pleaded with the universe, swore to swear off booze forever...all to no avail. i ended up kneeling in prayer to the porcelain gods. in doing this, apparently i was quite forceful because i broke lots of blood vessels in and around my eyes.

so, i'm a mess. lol i'm feeling back to normal today, but my eye will be a scarlet letter of sorts for the next week or so. i actually think its worse today than in this photo. the red touches the blue of my eye now. how embarrassing!

will i ever learn???

oh yeah- i cleaned all the pop yesterday...well, not all of it...seems chad had some spillage in the back seat as well...will do that today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures of you

I decided to go through some old pictures tonight. this is something i like to do every now and again. they make me smile and remember great times. they also make me laugh. tonight i caught myself remembering how much fun i had growing up playing euchre at my grandparents'. my friends would join and we loved it

lol! no...really...we did

well....HE LOVED IT

OMG! we are a beautiful bunch! that got me thinking about some other favorite shots of myself and family members showing the world how we feel about having pictures taken. we have many different responses to someone saying "say cheese!!"

it starts with an "ok ok...i'll give you a scary-ass grin damnit"

then we start to wonder if you'll ever stop taking our picture

we might get nervous

or annoyed

especially if you caught us by surprise

then we might get a little bit crazy

and make threats of violence

which would definitely leave us very worn out

i'm sorry...i'm lame! i just love making fun of bad pictures.


i just realized that this blog sounds very much like a childrens' book and that happened unintentionally. my apologies....

Monday, April 6, 2009

The things we carry

Ok, because I'm bored (all the homework is finished for now) I was surfing around the net and I stumbled upon another blog and the author did this activity. I thought it was kinda cool so i decided to play along. and yes-justin- this is why i interrupted your work day with a phone call asking the whereabouts of the camera.

Here's the deal, First take a photo, or photos of your bag. The everyday bag- not the cute little pouch you may carry to go out- your lug it around, makes grooves in your shoulders bag. i happen to love this bag and get many compliments on it!


take a photo and list what you've got. you can learn a lot about a person by what they lug around everyday.

we have:
a kindle
blackberry and bluetooth
tide pen
2 packs gum
hearing aid batteries(the hearing aids are normally in there too-was wearing them)
benadryl( hey-i'm allergic to A LOT)
baggie of raisins and almonds
odwalla bar
aveeno cream (again-allergies anyone?)
envelope full of parking receipts
big wallet i never use
little wallet i DO use
parking voucher
several lip glosses
id card for work
business cards (mine)
business card (someone i met the other day)
memory card
the card for my hairdresser (my hair needs a hug, so i've been carrying it as a reminder to set up appt)

DAMN i carry tons o shit! no wonder my bag weighs so much. maybe this will inspire me to spring clean the darn thing. there are also times when this has even more in it like water bottle and more books.

so, there ya have it-i'm an allergry saddled girl who loves tekkie gizmos and lip gloss and gum.

i would love to see some of my fellow bloggers bare their secrets and dump the bags out with camera in hand. boys---wallets could be used instead. who's up for it?

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'll be your anchor .....

So I worked downtown today. Let me tell you, the weather today was crappy. (still is). Cool, rainy, and WINDY. I got to my job this morning a holy mess. I had to walk a few blocks to get there, no big deal.....except for the shitty weather. So I walk in with an inside out umbrella, soaking wet, and so wind swept that my hair had formed a bird's nest-like cocoon around my face. Then the security guard had to paw around in my bag. Poor dear. I'm one of those girls who favors big, bottomless bags that are overloaded with random shit.

Fast forward four hours. The rain has stopped. Weeee! So I go to the corner to cross high street. The wind had become even worse by this time. I'm standing there on the corner waiting for the light and trying to keep upright when I acknowledge this little asian lady standing next t me. Now, when I say acknowledge, I mean make brief eye contact. The kind strangers make to share similar thoughts without speaking. You know, like for a second. Next thing I know, miss itty bitty clamps her hands around my arm and snuggles up to my side. Shocked, I turn to look at her and try to remove my arm from her iron grasp. She looks up at me and starts rattling away in some language I can neither identify or hear due to the hurricane force winds. I can only assume that this tiny woman saw me- a good sized chick and thought "ah! She has no chance in hell of being blown away!". So we cross the street together, me dragging this pint sized person headlong into the gusts, she clinging to the side of some stranger in a fabulous red trench coat. Once we're across, she realizes I'm going in a different direction than she so she pats my cheek, pulls up her collar and heads off. I can only hope she didn't get tossed around like a helpless rag doll without her chubby american anchor.

So here's to you little asian lady. Hope you made it ok!

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