Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"i think i just peed a little"

an exact quote uttered by me while waiting at a red light yesterday. i was coming home from the gym and apparently sneezed a bit too hard! all i can say is if this happens when she's this small, i am fucked in a coupla months!

we picked up a crib and dresser this weekend and justin actually put the crib together. i told him we had time, but it's up--and in the middle of the bedroom floor. the most monumental task we have ahead of us is cleaning out the 2nd bedroom. most of the crap in here (is where the pc is too) is justin's. we just don't have the space to store some of these things. we need a house! we have golf clubs, 2 bikes, filing cabinets, a treadmill (seldom used) and various accessories to xbox games like drums for rock band etc..oh yeah and one very ugly leopard print video gaming chair that is never used except to hold clothes that he doesn't want to hang up.

i want this shit out of here! i don't want to throw most of it out (except that ugly chair!) we have no basement and the closets have reached maximum capacity. i keep trying to explain the need for a bigger place, but the hubby isn't having it and i think he's now to the point where he gets pissed if i try. true--we are lousy savers, and don't have the down payment. i also checked with the bank and they only require a 5% down payment for 1st time buyers right now. that's not much money. the monthly payments for a house in our price range would be about 100 more a month than what we now pay for a too small apt. frustrating.

but anyhow--we need to clean out this room to make space for baby gear and such. i've been after him to help me do this for awhile..

in other news--headed back to the valley AGAIN this weekend. i have a baby shower to attend. i think this will be the last trip back for awhile. i've scheduled myself for a lot of weekend work through october, plus its football season and i like to watch here. speaking of football!! a very sweet friend gave me steelers tickets for my birthday! i've never been to an nfl game before and am looking forward to it. (thanks again sir!) the game is in cincy at the end of the month. too bad i can't tailgate. sober football will be a very interesting experience for me this year. i'm not looking forward to being the designated drunk babysitter either. i don't mind driving for people--i want them to be safe--but i know how overboard people tend to get when they are watching football.

well--off to work on this beautiful, chilly fall-feeling morning. later


  1. "I think I peed a litle"...lololololol! I still do! childbirth has a way of ruing our systems..Yes, I still blame all three of them everytime I cough or sneeze. Practice those kegel exercises, they help. Good luck on gaining more "space."

    How's the cat doing??

  2. themom- the cat seems to be doing a bit better. she's on prednezone and an anti-dirrhea(sp?) med. her attitude is becoming more like it was before the pooping started and she's using the box 90% of the time. fingers crossed!!

  3. 90 % my ass. more like 1 out of 10. you don't clean it up so you have no idea.