Monday, September 14, 2009


so i'm at work last thursday night and im'ing with justin about the steelers game when i get the message

"luke just brought a mouse in the house"

my first thought was "yeah right-our spoiled, has-no-front-claws, baby caught a real critter? no way"

while i didn't save the conversation, it followed like this:


jus-" yes alive damnit, its behind the tv"

jus-" he brought it in and i thought it was one of their toys until it took off"

me-"maybe the cats will catch it. where's luke?"

jus-" i locked them in the bedroom"

we went on a bit about this with me actually interpreting call in between. i couldn't help but laugh at this. what else do you do? justin then informs me that he can't catch it alone, but has dropped some cheese on the floor to "lure him out"
i also am informed that he's "a quick little fucker" i can't help but wonder why he locked up two mouse-catching machines (esp. luke)and decided to take on the job himself.

i get home a bit after 10 pm and i find my warrior of a hubby on the loveseat (which has been relocated to the dining room) in his undies and drinking a beer. the game is on and the living room looks like a tornado has gone through as you can see

when i put my purse down, i am promptly handed a spaghetti strainer and told to "squat down right there and i'll flush him out. you catch him" so there i am, tired and pregnant, on my knees with a noodle strainer at 1030 ish in the evening. i'm trying to not pee myself laughing while justin bangs around on the bookshelves to get the bugger out. the mouse has seemingly disappeared. he gives up quickly and resumes position on the couch while i free the kids. luke runs over to the bookshelf area, sniffs around for a minute and quickly gobbles down the cheese that was meant for bait.

we never did find minnie( or mickey), and can assume that its either hiding somewhere else in the apt or he ran outside while justin was wrestling the cats into the bedroom. either way, i wasn't allowed to put the furniture back for almost 24 hrs just in case "we see it run by".

i'm hoping the damn thing is gone. we don't need more issues. damn cats!

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  1. that's hilarious. come on juddy! you can't get a mouse all by yourself? apparently, you had on the wrong attire. nice job, kids!