Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dr=supreme ruler of all?

so i find myself in familiar territory. i had an appointment with the hand specialist about my carpal tunnel today. it was a scheduled follow up, but one with perfect timing as my hands are beginning to hurt and wake me up at night again. this office called me yesterday to remind me of the appointment as well as clearly state the "punishment" for canceling with less than 24 hrs notice etc. whatever....

i went to my 1045am appointment this morning. by 1145 i hadn't been seen. stewing, i went to the front desk (not a nurse to be found in the labyrinth of hallways on my way there of course) i walked up to the front desk and calmly stated "i've been waiting for an hour, i have not been seen, i want my copay back." she looked at me like i'd just offered my not-yet-born child up to her as a sacrifice. but, to her credit, she must be able to spot a woman on the edge and she began looking for my credit card slip. she did ask if i wanted her to check to see "what was going on " and " how much more of a wait" it would be. i said no, that i had been disrespected enough and had had more than enough of my time wasted and that i wanted to go. she credited my card (at least she'd better have) and i left.

i don't understand why doctors think that their time is oh-so-much-more-valuable than mine. i get it, you went to school for a long time-so did i. you help people in your work-so do i. i guess when they get their diplomas, the MD is followed by the title "supreme asshole" written in invisible ink. just because you sport a white coat doesn't mean that you are any better than any one else. don't waste my time. i show up at the appointed time for a reason. if something has happened and you are behind schedule, respect me enough to tell me and allow me to decide if i'd like to wait it out or reschedule. it's not rocket science, Mr MD, its common courtesy. or maybe they cut that class out of your schedule in college to make room for "fucking with people 101"

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