Friday, October 30, 2009

another conversation

i'm at work and while i'm here, justin and i communicate through google talk. this is a snippet of tonight's fun
Justin Horne: Have pizza tonite
horne.christy1: yay!!
Justin Horne: Donates from kroger. $6
horne.christy1: cool
horne.christy1: don't burn it
horne.christy1: got eggs and yogurt and frozen pizza
horne.christy1: i grabbed a couple things had to go get bday card for brian
horne.christy1: nothing much
horne.christy1: too poor
Justin Horne: Me too
horne.christy1: have to pick up pictures tmw from cord camera
horne.christy1: they weren't sure how big can make fat baby pic
horne.christy1: we'll see tmw
horne.christy1: i tried for 5x7 but may be distorted
Justin Horne: Ok
horne.christy1: may have to make it 4x6
horne.christy1: don't want blurry fat baby
horne.christy1: haha
Justin Horne: Like how her show films oprah.
horne.christy1: who's?
horne.christy1: ooo bad grammar--i mean whose?
Justin Horne: When oprah is her biggest, the hazy filter is put on the camera.
horne.christy1: ah gotcha they do?
horne.christy1: didn't know that
horne.christy1: i need a hazy filter to follow me around all day
horne.christy1: lol
Justin Horne: I drink so my life has a hazy filter
Justin Horne: Just jokin
horne.christy1: yay your hazy, dink fueled filter makes u like me!
horne.christy1: drink fueled
horne.christy1: i wish i could type w/o looking
horne.christy1: boo
Justin Horne: Its 745 and I'm yawning
horne.christy1: nap
horne.christy1: go to bed for the night
Justin Horne: I sleep when I sleep
horne.christy1: ok
horne.christy1: up to u
Justin Horne: In 2 hrs maybe a different story
horne.christy1: mmm someone brought starbursts
Justin Horne: I eating pizza
horne.christy1: ok you win
Justin Horne: }:)
horne.christy1: no fair
horne.christy1: to tease a preggo with pizza
Justin Horne: Will be here. If I don't eat it all.
horne.christy1: ok
Justin Horne: There'll be some
horne.christy1: sweet
horne.christy1: lesson of the day- do not forget that you have a tums in your mouth when you go to take a big drink of hot chocolate---ew
Justin Horne: Multi-tasker!
horne.christy1: and working too
horne.christy1: ooo just got old lady upskirt! ew
Justin Horne: That's hot
horne.christy1: ew
Justin Horne: U ran the dishes today? It wasn't full
horne.christy1: i did
Justin Horne: I have dishes I was gonna throw in and start. You messed with my friday night routine!:(
horne.christy1: ooo you party animal...sorry
Justin Horne: Now not only do I have to put dishes in, now I have to take dishes OUT!
Justin Horne: x-(
horne.christy1: <3
Justin Horne: x-(
horne.christy1: :P
Justin Horne: :'(
horne.christy1: B-)
Justin Horne: Justin Horne: All done
horne.christy1: lol
Justin Horne: I have patio door open
horne.christy1: nice
horne.christy1: beautiful out
Justin Horne: I am easedropping on a "black" argument.
horne.christy1: cool
horne.christy1: oh no you didn't
Justin Horne: The black family at adjacent bldg on 2nd floor who has gettogethers sometimes?
Justin Horne: Guess what the argument was about?
horne.christy1: money?
horne.christy1: pot?
Justin Horne: Racist?
horne.christy1: lol yes
Justin Horne: !
horne.christy1: seems i am tonight
Justin Horne: No. It wasn't about pot
Justin Horne: It was
Justin Horne: About
Justin Horne: Who was a better rapper... Jay Z or Kanye!
horne.christy1: seriously?
horne.christy1: you messing with me?
Justin Horne: Yeah. I heard who had better lyrics. And who made more money and had a bigger mansion
Justin Horne: Amazing
horne.christy1: jay z
horne.christy1: funny
horne.christy1: bet the old folks above us loved it
Justin Horne: I heard some curse words so it had to be serious.
horne.christy1: well...that's a very serious issue
horne.christy1: earth shattering
horne.christy1: lol
Justin Horne: it was like watching a WB sitcom.
horne.christy1: sorry i missed it

i miss all the good stuff!!

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