Friday, March 20, 2009

you spin me right round

It's been quite a while since my last post. i've been wanting to blog, but i can't really blog about what's going on in my life. and that frustrates me....

i've been having some issues at work. butting heads with the owners. it's been stressing me out-it's been making me physically ill(digestive issues, headaches, mystery rashes that i scratch at til they bleed...) and mentally drained. that's all i will say....for now...let's just say it's NOT good

i finally finished up my quarter at school. last weekend was quite a busy one. i was in akron all day saturday to co-present a workshop for interpreters. it was my very first time standing in front of a group of my peers to attempt to teach and share knowledge....i was scared to death!!!!! but, i had a very knowledgeable and supportive co-presenter, and all went very well. the feedback was very positive and i think that that experience has turned something on in my brain. i want to do it again!

then on sunday i had three final exams to take care i can breathe and take a week and a half off from school. if all goes well i should graduate in june with my BS in Education with a focus on Interpreting.

good thing that school finished when it did. now work has gone all to hell and it is literally sucking all the energy and focus out of me. it's an icky situation to say the least and i'm not sure how to resolve the whole matter. i've been presented with an option, but am not sure yet if said option will work out for justin. speaking of justin---happy birthday!

well, a catch up blog of sorts i suppose. i feel like everything in my world is changing and the "not knowing" of the whole thing is killing me. i like to control the things that happen in my life as much as possible and feel quite upset and stressed when i don't. so i find myself pounding down the coffee, sleeping like shit, and going through the motions of life frantically. i'm more scatterbrained than usual(i forgot to pay the electric bill yet again-causing yet another threat of disconnection) and i just feel run over, run down, and like i'm getting the run around.


  1. Unfortunately, life sucks...essentially. Getting used to the ups and downs definitely takes time. I hope everything works out - without too much drainage on your life forces.

  2. hang in the girl, even in the worst of situations, you seem to always make the right decisions, except maybe for that electric bill thingey you have going on there, we definately need to fix that, and the rest, with work and all else surrounding right now, have faith, I believe it will work out, you'll do the right thing.
    <3 to u