Friday, April 3, 2009

I'll be your anchor .....

So I worked downtown today. Let me tell you, the weather today was crappy. (still is). Cool, rainy, and WINDY. I got to my job this morning a holy mess. I had to walk a few blocks to get there, no big deal.....except for the shitty weather. So I walk in with an inside out umbrella, soaking wet, and so wind swept that my hair had formed a bird's nest-like cocoon around my face. Then the security guard had to paw around in my bag. Poor dear. I'm one of those girls who favors big, bottomless bags that are overloaded with random shit.

Fast forward four hours. The rain has stopped. Weeee! So I go to the corner to cross high street. The wind had become even worse by this time. I'm standing there on the corner waiting for the light and trying to keep upright when I acknowledge this little asian lady standing next t me. Now, when I say acknowledge, I mean make brief eye contact. The kind strangers make to share similar thoughts without speaking. You know, like for a second. Next thing I know, miss itty bitty clamps her hands around my arm and snuggles up to my side. Shocked, I turn to look at her and try to remove my arm from her iron grasp. She looks up at me and starts rattling away in some language I can neither identify or hear due to the hurricane force winds. I can only assume that this tiny woman saw me- a good sized chick and thought "ah! She has no chance in hell of being blown away!". So we cross the street together, me dragging this pint sized person headlong into the gusts, she clinging to the side of some stranger in a fabulous red trench coat. Once we're across, she realizes I'm going in a different direction than she so she pats my cheek, pulls up her collar and heads off. I can only hope she didn't get tossed around like a helpless rag doll without her chubby american anchor.

So here's to you little asian lady. Hope you made it ok!

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  1. I hate to be the pragmatist, but did you check your purse and pockets to make sure everything was still there??? Old and cute are sometimes - not so honest. If everything is OK, then kudos for being a good girl scout.

  2. btw...check me out...I got a nose ring today!! woot woot!

  3. she's saying "WOOT" too? ah, christ, the apocalypse is en route.