Tuesday, April 28, 2009

who let the dogs out?

....lemme tell you about my day today...

I had to wake up very early to get moving today...something kinda hard to do after the rough weekend i told ya'll about. so i chug my coffee and realize at about cup #3 that i just may have made it too strong...and i'm already driving at this point...

um..yeah not starting off too well. so i manage to NOT shit myself and make it plenty early enough to *ahem* attend to nature.

so i'm in good spirits, hopped up on caffeine and ready to conquer my day. then i go into the conference room.....it's a conference about disabilities and accommodations.....

what do blind and many disabled folks have that i'm severely allergic to???? you guessed it-gold star for you....

shit. shit shit shit....there are like 18 dogs in the room

within an hour i'm a snotty, wheezy mess. and i have about 8 more hours left to go. what do i do? the only rational thing i can... i take benadryl...three of them...in addition to the daily allergy meds i take.

fast forward about 2 hrs how am i feeling??????

yeah..try making sense out of fast talking speakers when you barely feel able to tie your own shoes without slobbering on the floor. speaking of shoes...i also wore my newest, cutest shoes today. can we say BLISTERS?? ee gads i wasn't even standing all day. wtf?? those bitches are going back damnit!

by the end of the day i was a hot mess. the last workshop was about wounded vets coming home and the speaker was talking about exploding IEDs causing so many injuries....um yeah...i kept saying exploding IUDs which, while funny and would be traumatic if they did, in fact, explode is very very NOT what the presenter was saying. i also said that wheelchair ramps could have up to an 80% grade???? wha??? that's like almost straight up and down! the worst part was i knew somewhere in my drug riddled mind i knew that that was wrong.

oh yeah - the consumer also told me that my eye looked freaky..she's right it's worse today

i'm beat...i'm deflated...i'm stuffy and near asthma attack hell...i'm gonna go massage my blistered feet and puff on an inhaler

later guys

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  1. That truly sucks. As long as you don't have the pig flu - you should recover. LOL. REst and get better.