Monday, April 27, 2009

oh..grow up!

I had a weekend full of ups and downs. I had class all day saturday, definate down. this class blows big time. you can tell the teacher doesn't want to be there and none of the students are thrilled about it either. blah..few more weeks.

after class, i went to get my 6th tattoo. i haven't gotten a tattoo in about five years and i must say...i like it

That is taken right after i got it while driving home. i think it's super cute and it's my first one with color.

after i got home, i worked on some check printing for an upcoming workshop and then went to meet the boyz at a nearby bar. they had gone to the osu spring game and were in need of dinner and beer, but mostly-shade.

fast forward about 10 hrs.....coming home from white castle with jus and chad. jus is driving and decides to be funny and try to make me drop my beloved chicken rings by hitting the brakes. he succeeds the second time to with i deftly responded by picking up a big cup of coke and throwing it in his face. yes-while he's driving. there was pop EVERYWHERE

yesterday i felt worse than i have in years..sick sick sick...i pleaded with the universe, swore to swear off booze forever...all to no avail. i ended up kneeling in prayer to the porcelain gods. in doing this, apparently i was quite forceful because i broke lots of blood vessels in and around my eyes.

so, i'm a mess. lol i'm feeling back to normal today, but my eye will be a scarlet letter of sorts for the next week or so. i actually think its worse today than in this photo. the red touches the blue of my eye now. how embarrassing!

will i ever learn???

oh yeah- i cleaned all the pop yesterday...well, not all of it...seems chad had some spillage in the back seat as well...will do that today.


  1. I like the new tattoo! And I think you can leave the eye patch at home!

  2. I also like the new tatoo it is very cute!

  3. i know of a porn star who has that same tattoo, hah, i'm a dick, looks cute though

  4. I do love the tatt. Leave it to Slyght to make HIS comparison!!! Argh!!

  5. You're a raging mess; that's why I love ya!