Sunday, August 9, 2009

"did you sign that?"-david cook

so mom and i were on the phone friday and she mentioned that she'd like to see david cook in concert at the ohio state fair. after some searching and a phone call, i found someone who had two tickets listed on craigslist. i'm always a bit freaked out by the idea of meeting a complete stranger somewhere to purchase what could always be fake tickets. i've bought osu tickets before in this way and have never had an issue though, so i decided to meet this donald character at a walmart. just to be on the semi-safe side (perhaps a wee bit paranoid side) i jotted down all of his info i had (first name and phone number) on a sheet of paper and left it on my car seat. all turned out well though, he even had some old lady in the car with him (maybe his mom?). i grabbed my tickets and went off to brunch for the french toast i had been dying for for the previous three days.

yesterday mom and i headed to the fair a bit early because we were wanting an elephant ear. after parking a bit away, though not off in the grass like many, we made our way into the fair. now, i hate fairs, i really do. they're crowded, they smell (not that that's a factor right now for me) and it's usually hot. but the allure of an elephant ear got me there. we ordered one to split and the man covered it in so much sugar that mom had to shake most off before it was edible. after the ear we went into the celeste center.

we found our seats and tried to get comfortable. i say tried because this place was obviously designed in the 1950's, way before the expansion of the american ass. these things were TINY. they were also rock hard. while waiting, we noticed a man in a green baseball hat fucking around with a guy on the crowd. we were up in the mezzanine and we could see the floor clearly. at first, we wondered if this guy was just special, but upon further watching, we realized that he was working. it seemed his job was to entertain the crowd by fucking with people. he was quite good at it. i wonder how a person would advertise his/her services for this kind of thing?? so, he kept us busy (guess he earned his pay) while we people watched and unfortunately listened to the conversation of the two redneck twats behind us. this couple was a young pair who found it necessary to comment on everyone around them. i really wanted to give them a piece of my mind when they got nasty about the adorable gay couple in front of us, but i behaved (for once). david cook's brother was walking around before the show taking pictures with people. girls were actually lined up to do this. um...just because your brother is famous (ish) YOU are not at all.

the opening band was pretty good. they were called green river ordinance. they had a few songs that i may check out on itunes today. while they were on, i noticed that across the floor, there was an interpreter working. i was too far away to see her face (all i know is she was left handed and blonde, shoulder length hair and maybe 40ish). when david cook came on he commented about her. he said "this is so cool. we are so in the 90's with our concerts, i've never done this before." then he asked her if she'd like to go on the road with them. he seemed a bit thrown off by her presence all night, but didn't fuck with her too bad as some performers may do. he was silly during his talks between songs, allowing his personality to show through. at one point he said "you , come up here with the shirt. you know who you are." soon a girl came to the front carrying a shirt which she threw up to dc. it said "i *heart* david arculetta" on it. dc got quite a laugh over it and told his stage manager to make sure the girl had a "proper" shirt. then he draped the shirt over the speaker at the front of the stage for the entire show. all in all, the show was good. he sounded very good and they played for about an hour.

today i've been taking it easy and trying to relax. not so easy when you have a cat who refuses to shit in her litterbox. this cat is about to find a new home. i went today and got a second box (again) and put a different type of litter in it (again) to see if she'll use that. it took every bit of my willpower to not strangle her today after cleaning up pile #5 (yes in one morning). then i got to clean for a few hours. justin was in the valley and promised he'd be home "early" it currently 445p and he's not here yet. early my ass. so he got out of cleaning this weekend. i'm a crabby mess today, so i'm going to try to chill out for a bit.

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