Monday, August 17, 2009

dum da dum dum daaaaaa!!!

just a quick note to say that today is the big day! we go to the ultrasound place in about 2 hrs and i must say, i've been watching the clock all day! my dr. didn't want to do the ultrasound until sept, and i'm inpatient, so i found a place that does 4d ultrasounds and called and asked them if the also did 2d gender determination ones. turns out they do, so i booked my appt.

the good thing about this set up is its cheap ($99) and they will bring me back for free the second time if marvin chooses not to show the goods. they are also giving me a nice discount to use when we go back for the 3d/4d show. (side note- i don't get what the 4th dimension is. time? what's different about 4d ultrasounds? do they just want to sound fancier than the places that have 3d???) another good thing is we find out today and then get a second glance on sept 4th at the dr's. here's hoping the two decisions match!

ive been feeling that marvin is a chick from early on. jus says that these feelings mean nothing, but i did see a study that says that mothers who have these "feelings" are right 71% of the time. justin really wants a boy, someone to golf with and share his love of sports with....his whole family seems to be hoping for a boy too (except our sister-in-law who wants a girl so she can buy pretty dresses and the ruffly underbloomer thingies). my family seems to be in agreement that marvin is a girl, and mom is hoping that's true so she has one grandson and one granddaughter. i think that a boy would be easier, and i've always dreamed of having 2 boys. but, the more i think about it, upon reflecting on my relationship with my mom and how close we have always been, i would like to experience that kind of bond with a daughter someday. for shits and giggles, i tried out some of the "tests" that the old wives tales suggest and all of them came back as a girl. now i don't hold stock in these types of tests, but i thought it would be interesting to see if they came out right.

i am nervous and excited for this evening. i hope that marvin does in fact show off the bits so we can start referring to him/her by a real name. i'd also like to start shopping a bit. i actually felt marvin move last night. i had felt a couple of "flutters" before, but then i felt nothing for a long time. this fed into my paranoia that something will go wrong (i got to hear the heart beat again this morning at the dr and that helped me relax)so feeling marvin really move last night was wonderful. it was a weird, almost impossible to explain feeling, and i think i'm looking forward to it happening again.

i did go to the dr today and he said all looks great and everything is progressing well. (he's very laid back and i love him for it) i cried when he asked how things were going because i have been feeling so bummed out and crappy lately that i've just not been myself. i told him that if i had to decide right now, i don't know if i'd ever do this again. he was very sweet and reassuring. he also said he hears this more often than one would think, so i shouldn't feel bad about it. i think one of the worst parts is that my nose is physically blocked and i can never breathe. i'm really looking forward to feb when i can get the surgery i need to breathe better. i was also pleased to find out that i've only gained 6 lbs so far. (i was worried about that since i've seemingly hit the sweets, sweets, and more sweets part of this pregnancy and i've been doing nothing but eating.)

so, i will update again when we find out what we're having and i'm sure it will be on my facebook after the family has all been notified!

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  1. the 4th "D" is time. you should be able to see the baby moving in 3D, virtually real-time. my company makes those.