Thursday, October 8, 2009

"cat" astrophy 2, 3, 4....

well, i have a lot of catching up to wrists got to be very bad and quite painful for several weeks- leaving me unable to do so much as write with a pen, let alone type. I missed a few days of work-luckily this "spell" happened to fall when i was between full time jobs. i was sleeping only a few hours a night (so was justin because i would wake him up sobbing in pain). but i've since had cortisone shots in both wrists, the right last week and the left two days ago, and while my fingers are numb 24/7, i have no more pain and swelling :-)

so...after the cat drama, and in the middle of my most painful time, we had EVEN MORE DRAMA!

picture it---friday morning in columbus. i had slept only a few hours the night before. i decided to sit on the couch with the sliding patio door open to enjoy the cool air. all of the sudden luke comes flying in the house with something furry in his mouth! by the time i got my fat, preggy ass off the loveseat, he was halfway down the hall. i kicked him and he dropped his "hostage". luke ran to the bedroom and i kicked the unwanted guest ( a chipmunk) towards the living room. he scooted that way and quickly ran under the bookcase. (yes- the very same bookcase the mouse has resided under mere days before)

i lost my shit at this point. i was tired and emotional and started screaming and crying. of course i sent a message to justin and then called my mother(like she can do anything 2 hrs away). she tries to calm me down best she can and i decide that i'm going to get the little fucker out of my house one way or another. we hang up and i proceed to take books from the shelves, all the while sobbing like a woman gone mad and cursing the blessed cat. ( i wish i could have been able to see myself at this point-what a mess!) then luke (oh sweet, sweet bastard)brings in another something furry. after another kicking in the hall, he dropped it. IT WAS A BLOODY CHIPMUNK TAIL! the fukker had ripped the poor 'munk's ass off! after a tearful, pleading call, justin drove all the way home to help me get the chipmunk out of the apt. i think he was afraid that i had experienced an honest-to-goodness mental breakdown by this point.

so he comes home, and we shoo the poor, ass-less, bleeding rodent out and justin goes back to work. i try to chill for a minute, and my cousin shows up to help me with my shower invitations. this sweet, sweet child has a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks in her hands. ( i found out later that my mother had called her and prepared her for the hot mess she was about to encounter) I needed her help because i had to tie ribbons onto the invites, and couldn't due to my hands. anyhow....

we're working away on the invitations, (the door is now closed) and i'm calming down. luke kept trying to steal the ribbon from me, so i threw him a piece (abt a foot long ) to play with and to leave me the hell alone. now, i have to say, my cats are 4 and i've given them ribbons to play with on many different occasions. i look down a few minutes later in time to see him trying to swallow something. i grab him and yank open his mouth--too late--ribbon GONE. i call the vet to be told that i had three options:

1. see if it passes, with the understanding that if it doesn't, he will require surgery that costs at least $1000

2. bring him in and they would try to use a scope to get it ($600)

3. try to induce vomiting using peroxide

i opt for lucky #3 and jessie and i administer the peroxide as directed. he pukes-i see ribbon! i think all is well...OH SO VERY VERY WRONG

she leaves and several hours later i realize that luke has puked many times after the peroxide. hrmmm i think, "well i would puke too, probably irritated the bejesus outta his biggie" and i leave for work.

while i'm at work, i get a message from jus "when you were home, was luke puking blood?" uh no... he tells me there are "flecks" of blood in the vomit and that the cat is puking several times an hour. G-R-E-A-T

by the time i get home a couple hours later there are no "flecks", it's just blood. off we go to kitty er. they keep luke that night to give him fluids via IV and to medicate him. we get home after 1 am (at this point i had been awake for about 20 exhausting hours) we pick him up the next day and the poor thing is drugged, has a shaved forearm and is on 4 different medications. his bill was around 400 ( i forget exactly how much, i think i've blacked it out of my memory) we spend the day watching over him like nervous parents and medicating the holy crap out of him. (he had pepcid and painkillers among some other drugs)...we were told that if he threw up more than 3 times to take him back to dr. of course he did...back we went. we spend several hours there again while they give him More fluids and more drugs. they ask if we'd like to leave him overnight again. we were all for this until we were told it would be about $800. thanks. so we pay his second bill ($300 ish) and go home. monday he made yet another trip because he refused to eat or drink anything. (another 100) so we were given special food and a syringe to force feed him until he started eating on his own. if he didn't she said, he would need to be admitted because cats apparently will starve themselves to death if they are sick. by this time, we were looking at him as an investment an we were willing to do whatever we had to do to make him well.

by tues night, luke started eating again. it was a loooong ass ordeal that i never want to go through again. he's just fine now, and now we're dealing with his "i'll shit wherever i want to " sister. ugh--shoot me please!!!

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  1. Thank You so very MUCH for making it Clear that I in no way NEED a pet!! AT least not until we haev a years salary in savings!