Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i'm alive!

i haven't blogged in ages...

i was afraid that i'd have nothing to talk about except THE NEWS and i didn't want to share that too early

this may become a wee bit tmi (for you boy or sensitive readers)

i've been on the pill since i was 15. that means 15 years of my body not having to regulate its own hormones and such...that's a long ass time. i decided to quit the pill last year in late sept. to ready myself for the BIG BOOB SURGERY. i had read about the links between the pill and clotting after surgery and that scared the ever-lovin shit outta me. and so i kissed the all too familiar pink pack goodbye and prepared myself for a life with a period every month (i was on those cool pills that allowed for one every three months) things seemed to jump right back to normal and all was well...

again...tmi--i had my "auntie" visit me on new years and then she seemed to pack up and move out. every passing month was a pseudo tense one. i like to get my drink on and have been known to smoke on occasion. let's not lie---i get my drink on way too often but i blame justin. he's a beer at night to relax kinda guy and i all too willingly joined his little club. but at the same time, i was all paranoid that i was knockered up and unwittingly causing all kinds of damage to the little thing and that it was sure to be born with flippers or something. as a result i began buying pregnancy tests monthly and peeing on the stick began somewhat of a habit. (on an interesting side note, even though i am 30, each time i would pee on the stick i would have that "oh shit, if that 2nd line pops up i'm gonna have to tell mom! feeling)

my doctor kept giving me these pills that he swore would "kick start my flow", but they never seemed to kick start anything except a wave of crazy ass emotions that i could live without (ie. bawling on the kitchen floor in front of the open fridge because we are out of coke) and by april/may, i'd figured that i'd sunk enough money into ept and decided that money was better spent on liquer, so i quit the habitual peeing on a stick.

my doctor decided to run a whole lot of blood tests to see what the hell was making me all wonky (hold the comments peanut gallery)..first he tested the thyroid...normal...then he checked some other shit ( i may have been too drunk and or bored to pay attention to what he was looking for) everything was coming out just then he pops this one on me..."i think we need to test some other hormone may be infertile." gulp---ok

around the same time, i started to wonder when the hell my flu was going to go away (see where i'm headed don't cha?) i went to my training session one wed and damn near fainted and had myself a proper asthma attack for the first time in ages. now because i am a chick, anytime my tummy has so much of a twinge, the first thing i think is " oh god am i knocked up?" this is always made worse when i call my mother and she says " you're not pregnant are you?" so i rooted around under my bathroom sink and found a test...peed...sweet jebus! is that a faint 2nd line??? quickly i grab another test, say a quick thanks to my trainer for forcing me to drink so much damned water that i CAN pee right away again....3 min later---its so faint i think i'm seeing things.... i call mom..she suggests a calm down and not get myself too worked up, the test results are due from the dr on monday...MONDAY!!! ITS FRIDAY!! i can't wait a whole weekend...

i text my friend chris with my dilemma and he quickly calls me a dumbass and tells me to hightail it to cvs and get the test WITH FUCKING WORDS. brilliant plan...i manage to stop puking long enough to make the 2 min trip. i come home armed with 3 more tests..all the kind that show words and not pesky lines...

"holy shit! there's no NOT in front of that pregnant word!!!"

i quickly snap a picture and email it to justin and chris. i call my mom. she keeps saying that i need to not get my hopes up and wait for the doc. justin replies with a simple, all encompassing--"wow" followed later by an incredulous "my boys can swim?"

nurse calls monday--"are you sitting down? you're pregnant!"

wow wow wow

we make an appt since we have no idea how far i could be. 6 weeks. i'm instantly hit with pangs of guilt...during my wee pregnancy i had already broken damn near every rule- i had been drunk (hammered) a few times, gotten a tattoo and even shared a joint with friends...christ.....

turns out all is ok so far though...i'm now 10 1/2 weeks and everything looks ok.

this is our 9 week photo

we call it "marvin" due to its resemblance to marvin the martian. mom's not too thrilled with our name but too bad mama! lol i'm slowly feeling better. i was so sick for a couple of weeks that i could read or even look at the computer screen without yakking. (thus another reason for my absence) thank goodness i graduated from school right before all the bad sickness ran me over!

and now, i'm attempting to deal with all the crazy emotions that marvin brings. we're happy, no doubt there, but i've been a rollercoaster of crazy. most recently, was me crying into my bowl of potatoes because i was hungry but i didn't want potatoes...but i kept eating them!!! oy vey--i've never been such a mess!

anyhow---off to the gym...hopefully i will update again soon!


  1. Well, BACK IN THE DAY...we weren't warned about drinking, smoking or anything pregnancy related. Now it sets off alrms and bells and whistles to the new generation. Trust me, the baby will be fine. (And I do like Marvin the Martian for a name). As for all the things you think you may have done wrong....Zac is proof that those things can't possibly hurt the baby...or maybe not! :)

  2. When were you going to tell me about this? Why must I always find out about these things on you blog?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. I just thought you were especially bitchy lately.

  4. And was in the mood for mashed potatoes every day.

  5. And wanted to watch old Warner Brother's cartoons.

  6. when HAVEN'T you been a rollercoaster of crazy. **ZING**

  7. gotta agree with christy on this, she's on a whole new zing of craziness lately, never been a crybaby, (just a bitch) lol and now shes in tears over everything....
    Marvin, oh boy, just seems so odd to call Olivia by the name Marvin,,, but, I can deal

  8. Just wondering if you are hoping for one over the other?

  9. favorite part of the whole saga is her telling me, "I *might* be pregnant."

    Might? MIGHT?!?! You've taken 16 pregnancy tests, passed all with flying colors, and she MIGHT be pregnant?! Those things are like 99% accurate.

  10. becky- a boy would rock

    zac- fukk off dahling

    chris- i believe i alsoi told someone that i was "a little bit pregnant" marvin has obviously eaten my brain