Monday, July 13, 2009

what dreams may come

so i've been reading all about pregnancy-the horror stories and especially the tales of what this state does to one's body. through this self education, i'm learning about all kinds of terrible things---heartburn, hemorrhoids, gas, weird dreams, and the one that frightens me most___my feet may grow up to a size, thus rendering my lovely shoe collection worthless!!

this blog serves as an outlet for me, and today i thought i'd use it to chronicle a few of the weird ass dreams i had just in the last two days. i've been having weird dreams since marvin came along, and i've been meaning to write them down. i haven't...most are strikingly vivid and very realistic. i remember most in long chunks, though there are some that are just images.

Friday night:

i am at the home of a long time girl friend. this house is not the one she lives in now, nor is it her childhood home. we are both there and so are her parents and her brother. there is a terrible tornado. i remember seeing the very black sky whipping around us. debris is everywhere. shockingly, there is absolutely NO damage done to the house or anyone in it. when it settles down, i decide to take a shower. i go into the bathroom and do so. when i'm done, i get out and with a towel wrapped around me i begin to brush my (dry) hair. all of a sudden i hear a noise behind me. i turn around, heart pounding. there in the closet behind me is my friend's dad, watching me. he comes over to me and takes me by the shoulders. then he strokes my hair. "pretty" he says.

i snap awake at this point, all kinds of creeped out. This is the dream from last night/this morning. it's a bit of a two parter, as i think i had one and then woke up (probably to pee again). when i went back to sleep, i had another with a few of the same characters. part 1

i am at an amusement park with all of the boyz and their wives. we are all sitting loosely around some picnic tables, and we're eating. i notice that the boy next to me (i shall leave names out to protect the innocent) looks very sad and upset. so i ask what's up. he looks at me and says, " you know that situation you're in?" eying my big belly.
"i'm in it too. we just found out."
"OH! well, congratulations??" and i look at him knowing he's not happy.
"i don't think so. we're fucked."
"well, when's it due to be here?"

now, somehow i know that its august in my dream. and i'm shocked that they kept it a secret from everyone for so long. i'm also a bit jealous that someone else in the group will have a baby before mine is due to show up. before i can say anything more, he gets up and walks away. while he's gone, his wife begins talking loudly..
"so i had no idea what was wrong. the dr kept running all these tests."
another wife i can't see says, "what made you go in the first place?"
"my face was all swollen."
so i say, " how far along are you?"
she says, "i don't know."
"well, honey, didn't they do an ultrasound? measure your belly?"
she gets angry at me and yells, " I said i don't know!"

the second part of this involves the same husband and wife from the amusement park...

i'm driving back from the valley and it's very late. i'm really tired and call the guy and ask if it's ok for me to crash at their place because i'm so tired and i don't think i can make it home. (side note-this makes no sense in real life because they live not too far away from our place) he says sure, c'mon over. next thing i know, i'm there and he's at the door. he shushes me and leads me upstairs (real life- they have a flat apt) to the spare bedroom in the dark. the whole time he's silent. there are a pile of sheets crumpled up on the bed.
"you'll have to make it, but they're clean." he says.
"k, thanks"

then he starts to make the bed and i open my bag and change into my pj's. he then says, "she doesn't know you're here, so get up early and leave." then he goes into his room, which is right next to where i am. soon i hear her screaming at him "what do you mean someone's here?" the start to argue and i sit there, on my knees at the side of the bed. my elbows are on the mattress (think old school little kid prayer position) and i'm silently pulling out hundreds of straight pins from my palms. next thing i know, she comes into the room and screams at me to leave. i gather my things and go out the door. i find myself in the ghetto (again not where they live) and i can't find my car. i keep hitting the unlock on my keys, hoping to see my headlights flash.

then i wake up to my alarm. see what i mean? super weird and nonsensical. damn these hormones!


  1. yeah... those sound... fun. straight pins?!

  2. I keep a dream journal in my nightstand because I always seem to have crazy fucked up dreams, like the time Timmy ate some guy's fingers. That left me feeling icky for days!

  3. Just on answer to these dreams: YOUR F-KING NUTS!!!!!