Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh baby!

so now that i can feel and use my hands, this preggy thing isn't all too bad. i think had i not been in pain for weeks and weeks, and had been able to sleep, i would have enjoyed that second trimester. but now i find myself in the last week of the 2nd trimester, with the home stretch looming ahead of me (um yeah...due date is 98 days away...eek!) wondering if i can slow down time so i can (maybe) get everything ready.

this journey for me has had loads of cons and only a few (precious few) pros. let's see:


getting fat- i know, i know-i can hear you all clucking and shaking your heads. but having this happen when i was so very close to my goal weight has been a bitter pill to swallow. i know i can lose it again and i know it wasn't all for naught, but every now and again i catch sight of my ginormous ass in the mirror and want to weep.

everyone passing judgement- and i mean judging me for everything, i've heard "i hope that's decaf" while i was holding a starbucks cup, gotten the stank eye when i enjoyed a bit of red wine at dinner, had people tell me they think i've gained too much weight, heard people gasp and sigh over that fact that i'm still weight lifting, and heard why everyone thinks i should get the new h1n1 shot. (i've decided against it)

the crazy shit happening with my body--no, not just the gigantor belly i'm sporting,but the weird, people-just-don't-talk-about-it shit. like moles growing, yeah, you heard me. i have a mole, have had it forever, it used to be a flat, very unassuming mole. now, being the astute observer i am, i'm aware of the advice that if a mole changes shape and/or color that this is a bad sign. so, when this previously unobtrusive mole started growing and looking all dangly like a skin tag, i kinda panicked. like a good little patient, i went scooting to the dr only to be told that this was a side effect of all the hormones in my pregnant body. um what??? "don't worry," the dr says, "you can have it removed after the baby comes if it bothers you." so now i get to pay for mole removal too... another weird shit happening to my body thing is the, i had heard that the belly will itch due to the skin stretching and lemme tell the end of the day, when i take my shirt off and have at it, it looks like i've been attacked by wolverine! but anyhow, the itching that makes me crazy is of another kind (squeamish? look away now)let's just say that everything my underwear (you know the granny panties i've grown into) covers itches like mad. and i mean everything! again, i was a good girl and spoke to the dr about it (we have no secrets) and was told another normal part of this beautiful experience.

let's focus on the good, shall we?

#1 without a doubt wonderful thing--feeling her move. it's kinda creepy at times, and when she rolls over it makes me nauseous, but it's cool. very reassuring to know she's ok and moving around. granted, sometimes i think she's doing some tae bo or something, the kicks are not only strong, but rhythmic.

#2 how interested justin is in feeling her move. he's always feeling up my belly and he quite often falls asleep with his hand on it. it's so sweet! (sorry honey if this makes you blush) every time she is kicking and he tries to feel it, she stops. he has had her kick him in the face a few times when he put he face on my belly and talked to her.

AND believe it or not, sometimes the belly is a cool thing. i often catch myself checking it out and marveling at it. sounds corny, but it's amazing to see.

all this babyness had me looking through my own baby book today and i came across something funny. so funny that i had to call my mother just to harass her. when she answered, i said "so is it appropriate to give a 3 mth old a turkey leg bone to chew on?" she says, " a 3 mth old? no!" to which i reply, " well it seems that you gave me one on my 1st thanksgiving!" i think she was embarrassed, and she quickly blamed it on her father (which i can totally see) in my baby book, that's what it said "gave you a turkey leg bone to chew on, but you kept sticking it under your dress. " and yes, i was 3 mths old! lol sorry mom, just had to share!

ok, i'm working right now, and this blog literally has taken me 3 hrs to type, so i guess i'd better go. later all!


  1. LOL its all good, and umm you kept putting it under your dress, see even at 3mths u were wanting boned! LOL gotta love paybacks!

  2. Geeze Momma Jackie - be nice to the kid. A "boner" at 3 months??? LOL

    Christy all these will be in your memory book - the aches, the pains, the moles and........the underwear!!!