Wednesday, October 21, 2009

random funny

to understand part of this, you have to know that on the day this conversation took place, luke decided to sit atop what i call the kitty tower (a 2 story, carpeted climbing thing) and projectile vomit. at 4 am. lovely way to start the day right? so this is a funny(at least i think so ) im'ed conversation between justin and me.

me-weird dreams again all night. leroy fodor made a cameo. i think i'm going crazy.

jus-did u dream about a cat projectile vomiting? i did.

m- lol i did! how weird!

about 20 min later.....

m-wonder how i can get her to stop kicking me in the vag? :-)

j- need me to step in? ;-)

m- maybe. got anything you can poke around in there?

j- i got a small noodle that may do the job.

m- lmao we'll have to try it out. :-D

j- i'm funny

m- you are

j- i should document my one liners

m- would make a great book that people could read on the toilet :-D

since we don't see each other much with the opposite scheduled, we im each other on and off all day. these are the important chats we have!

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