Monday, February 16, 2009

Aren't I a grown up?

Ok, so today i'm dealing with two issues that have to do with being a grown up, although in two different ways, and one isn't really important.

let's start with the silly one.....i think my face has finally hit puberty. :-( I had such lovely skin when i was a teen, beautiful and smooth. i'm getting nailed in the ass for making it through those rough years with nice skin now. i look like i have chicken pox...i swear. no amount of concealer will fix this problem, a problem i admit that is worsened by my inability to leave well enough alone...i pick at my face....but

adding to the red pox-like face is my silly obsession with the peach fuzz on my face. now i know, all folks have peach fuzzy faces, but i'm terrified that mine will evolve into the dreaded femoustache...i don't want this to happen! so i decided this morning to use a hair removal cream on my lip.....BIG MISTAKE!!! i know have a red moustache as the shit must have peeled the first few layers of skin off my lip. i get to go to work looking like a chicken pox cursed soul who has a perpetual kool-aid 'stache.....hello monday!

in other news, i want to move out of this apt. i'm tired of having neighbors who are bitches about the slightest bit of noise. i'm wanting to paint and make a space my own....i wanna house or condo. both have their pros and cons, i know. i'm not sure if jus will be willing to move or not. he is the serious type, focused on our expenses, and thank goodness for that! without him, i'd be a homeless person with a fab shoe collection!! it's a scary prospect, buying a home, but it's one i think we're ready for. so, i'm hoping he and i will be able to discuss and decide. we need to decide soon because our lease will be coming up this spring, and to move we have to give 60 days notice.

well...time to go to work....i'm hoping that the person doesn't show so i can hide my poor face from as many people as possible.....wish me luck!


  1. Remind me to smack you next time you are near me!!! HAIR REMOVAL over the lip??? Wait till you get to be my least I have something to play with. :)

  2. shakin my head at you christy, I can't think of one female on either side of your gene tree that has ever had a femoustache, stop putting that chit on ya face, u're fine.....goofy girl

  3. HAHAHAhahaHAhaHAhahAHa, sorry, but my ribs hurt. thanks. you don't need cream, you do need a house. renting an apartment is throwing money in a hole.