Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok so, Justin decided to make dinner tonight and was in the mood for a veggie to go with the baked steak he made. (YAY for a husband who cooks!) Anyhow, so after rooting around in the cupboard, he found some beets

And then, horror upon horror, embarrassment upon embarrassment, he (quite luckily) checks the "good by" date

Um, yeah, that says Dec of 03!!!!! Jeebus man! How horrible!!! Guess we don't eat beets all that often!


  1. LOL just 6 yrs old huh? LOL ummm, doubt it would have done much harm, but is some funny stuff LOL

  2. Let's see...

    Canned vegetables we have bought recently have a shelf life of three years. Most canned veggies in the cupboard expire in 2011.


    THAT can expired in 2003. So, probably that can was purchased around December, 2000! That was 4.5 years BEFORE Christy and I started DATING!

    Hell, there wasn't even a "War on Terror" when these beets were canned!

  3. Great rationale there Juddy. Hell, I would have opened them and consumed them anyway...what's a little botulism now and then???

  4. Who would want to eat beets anyway?!?! Yuck!

  5. i have a can of beets at home and i am going to race home to check the date! wonder if i can 'beet' the expiration date! -dale