Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SuperCuts ain't so super.....

I've decided to give blogging a shot. I realize that I'm slow to catch this trend....I'm not too sure if I'll have enough interesting things to say!

Let me start by recounting something that happened to me the other day and I'm sure you'll see why I've named my blog what I did.

So after work last Friday, I decided to quickly stop by a SuperCuts to get my hair trimmed before a birthday dinner for a friend. I don't normally go to places like this for haircuts, but all I needed was a trim, so I didn't see the harm. So I go in and this lady is standing at the register and the dialogue goes like this:

me: Hi, I'd like a trim please.

lady: Ok, what's your name?

me: Oh I'm not in your system. I've never been here before.

lady: I don't know how to cut your hair if you're not in the system.

me (thinking): Scissors would be a good start.....

So, we start off on the wrong foot. Someone else had to come over to help the dingbat and soon I found myself in her chair. *gulp* I explain that I'd like a trim and my bangs shortened. (Pretty simple) She trims the hair and moves on to the bangs. She cuts them so that they still cover my eyes.

me: I can't see.

Lady: mmmm I don't know how to fix that...

me: cut them SHORTER

So, she cuts them to a good length. Now, before I got the bangs, my hair was parted down the middle and now the new bangs were parting. I mention this and she informs me that she doesn't know how to fix it either. GRRRRRR! Now, this is important...she asked me in the beginning if I'd like my hair washed and I said no because I had a dinner to go to. She used the spray bottle and wetted my hair for the trim. So she whips out her trusty hair dryer to dry the bangs. She then grabs her round brush and proceeds to give me what I call turd bangs. Remember the 80's style bangs that curled under resembling a large turd on one's forehead???? Yup...turd bangs.

I freak out and ask what in the hell she thinks she's doing. She tells me she thinks they look pretty and continues to blow dry my semi-wet hair which promptly frizzes. I really get worked up at this point and jump out of the chair to make her stop the madness. So now I have turd bangs and the ginormous frizzy hair to match....oh yeah, and dinner in about 45 minutes. I tell her to just get the straight iron out and fix what she's done. She informs me that she can do that BUT IT WILL COST 20 DOLLARS MORE!!!!! Hello people this is a $13 haircut. I am livid.....I tell her that she screwed up my hair and she needs to fix it for free. she keeps insisting that it's 20 dollars more.

So, I yell at her to "get your F'ing hands off of me!" and race towards the door. I pay my check and announce to her in front of everyone that she's not getting a tip and why. I then leave in a desperate search for some kind of help. Luckily, I went to a Beauty First store across the street where a very sweet girl helped me out. She let me use a demo straight iron to fix the mess. TURD BANGS BE GONE!


  1. now see, that is a great start to blogging, i can see you doing that. only thing that would've been better was pix. rock on, and welcome!

  2. Yep, you're going to be a great addition to the blogging world. Absolutely. =)

    Now, if only I could have reacted the same way 2 weeks ago when I had my own bad experience at the local salon.

  3. Ooooh another blogger friend. Cool!!!! As far as turd bangs go...no way in hell! I would have beat the girl over the head with her flat-iron!! Welcome again.