Monday, February 23, 2009

kingdom 'o boogers

so, the princess has been entire weekend was spent in warm jammies and surrounded by kleenex and vicks rub. had a nasty respiratory infection that is just now backing down. my vaporizer is my new bff

i don't have a really fluid blog in my head right now..more like some random shit bouncing between my ears like:

1. does wearing concealer to the gym even make sense? i don't think it does, but i do it trainer may see me all sweaty, and may force me to bend my body in ways that should only be sexual but he CAN NOT see my zits!

2. i think i may be brewing my coffee too strong....if my desperate, pedal-to-the-metal drive to work this morning wasn't enough to teach me, i don't know what will

3. cadbury eggs are simply fabulous

4. why does eyebrow hair seem to grow much faster than all other hair (with the exception on leg hair ofc)

5. did anyone else think that the musical "numbers" at last night's oscars sucked big hairy balls or was it just me?

6. almonds do not taste good right after you brush your teeth

7. i think i lost the last antibiotic pill i was supposed to take today....mmmm...can generic z pack pills kill a cat? i mean, i don't know the cat did it...could be under my enormous pile of shit on the table..but just in case....

guess i'd better go to the gym where i can get all stinky, and watch the concealer melt and ooze right off my face. someone once told me that their 30's were the best years of their lives. i am now wondering if that's true, or if that person's 20's just sucked really bad.....

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