Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Holy Sh*t!

ok...so it goes a little something like this....

today, i arrived at an assignment early. with time to spare, i decided to go potty and then grab a coffee. so i go into the ladies' and into the middle stall. pardon the tmi, but i'm just going in for a quick pee (this is a good thing, as you'll see...)

on my left comes the bellow of a great fart....this is followed by some bodily noises i'm glad you are spared of but that make me shiver even still.... with all the noise goin on i look down to see her sneaker-clad foot sticking out and under the dividing wall, coming over to my side. it literally shakes with each sound....(pleasure or pain i do not know) all the while i hear "oh jesus!" "holy jesus!" and even a few "thank you jesus"s.

of course i got out of there as quickly as possible....now, i'm not a religious gal, but if my god made shitting so difficult, i don't think i'd be offering thanks......


  1. LOL

    At least now the facebook update makes sense.

  2. Hot damn - that's hilarious. I was wondering if that foot coming under the stall may have been one of those "signals" even???? Scary thought!

  3. Usually when a large amount of shit comes out of a super-religious person it comes out of their mouth.

    {rim shot}

  4. oh lord LOL only you, this could happen to only you hahahahaha going to bed with a laugh now

  5. fart jokes are always funny. nice one, JHo.