Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I haven't had any crazy mishaps or bitch fits lately, so i'm not too sure what to blog about! i decided to join a gym so i can now go every day in addition to the twice weekly trainings i've been going to. i really enjoy it, though i bitch, and i'm seeing some of the results. i really like that a good friend also goes to this gym and is willing to go with me. i've been asking justin to go only to go, but he doesn't want to. he keeps pointing out that we have a treadmill here. he's right, we do, but i am a social person it seems, and i would rather workout with others. i'm thinking about joining a yoga class, but i've never taken yoga and am a bit intimidated by it. anyone have any experience here?

I'm also in midterms week. i can not wait to be done with school. if all pans out according to plan, i should be done this june. i have my fingers crossed. i'm tired of homework! i was hoping for a raise upon graduation, but with the economy being as it is, i don't know if that will happen. i guess i should just be thankful that i have a job right now. well, make that 2 jobs, but you know what i mean.

and, so...like i said a quite boring, no cursing involved, kind of blog. just a hi and a quick update on what's been going on. maybe i'll have something more exciting to talk about soon!


  1. Damn, I enjoy a cursing blog too. I took a Yoga class about 35 years ago..does that ocunt? that was when I could touch my toes WITHOUT pain! enjoy.

  2. I don't mind the lack of cursing. It's nice just hearing about what you're up too.