Thursday, February 5, 2009

cat antics

We have two gigantic cats. Now, even though these two are litter mates, they are night and day when it comes to their personalities. We have Luke:

Luke is laid back(as you can see) and loves to be around people. He will let me hold him like a baby and can almost always be found in the same room as me.

We also have Leia

Leia is more of a you-can-touch-me-when-i-say-you-can kind of girl. She is the cat who wakes us up in the morning when it's time for breakfast. Luke just drags the bowl down the hall.

SO, this past Sunday morning, justin and i were wanting to be lazy and were awake but just chilling in bed. Leia was all up in our faces (mine especially) and she started headbutting me relentlessly. She needed food damnit! i decided, in my infinite wisdom to scoop her up and snuggle her because this tactic had worked before. she normally gets a wee bit ticked, squirms her way out of my grasp and run away. this is exactly the result i was looking for. so i grab her and start kissing on her and loving on her. sure enough, the squirming began and when i let go, she bolted.

then justin says , "what the hell is that?" and points to the mattress right between our faces (man is blind without his glasses). "that" was a small piece of cat shit! that huffy fur ball literally shit out of protest! justin says i squeezed the poo out of her, but i didn't really squeeze i know now that we have 2 sassy princesses living here...only i don't poo to show my displeasure...


  1. The Queen aka her mommyFebruary 5, 2009 at 4:00 PM

    LOL i guess leia isnt necessarily a "pissy" kitty is she!!!

  2. That is hilarious...but then again, this is AFTER the fact!

  3. Same thing goes with our two cats. Tippy is to your Leia as Lucy is to Luke.

    I do the same thing to Tippy when I want her to go away. Works every time...though thankfully, this has never happened to us.